outer office at 3rdRail coworking
One of the private offices at 3rdRail

Coworking for Stratford

A New Concept

At last, an engaging, affordable alternative to lonely garrets, pesky landlords and coffee shops with crappy Wi-Fi.

3rdRail Coworking’s members are a group of independent freelancers and entrepreneurs who, like you, want a professional and creative atmosphere to work in — an attractive space where talented, motivated people can get stuff done.

We transformed part of the second floor of Stratford’s train station into a relaxed workspace that’s uncluttered and designy at prices even freelancers like.

There are offices, individual desks, workspace clusters and a communal worktable, as well as a boardroom, kitchenette and high-speed Wi-Fi.

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Creativity Loves Company

This is a curated space, and the number of places is limited, so we’re looking specifically for people interested in the give-and-take of a collaborative environment. Stratford is loaded with talented people and we’re serious about creating a space where fresh ideas, sharpened skills and new opportunities emerge. 3rdRail Coworking is going to be known as Creativity Central.

So if the novelty of working in your pyjamas has worn off, and you are in no way going back to beige walls and vinyl wallpaper, you might find 3rdRail a good fit. Take a look at our various options and pricing and get in touch. Let's have a conversation and/or come look at the space. In the meantime, you can see our floor plan here.
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